• Project Media Player Install
  • Category Retail
  • Clients Jwellary Brand


We have extensive experience catering to the specialized needs of various markets, such as tracking visitor count and demographics, managing music, displaying current promotions, and implementing customer interactive kiosks.

Some challenges that businesses may face in regards to attracting customers include:

  • Difficulty in effectively reaching and targeting the desired audience
  • Difficulty in standing out and differentiating from competitors
  • Difficulty in creating a positive reputation and customer loyalty
  • Difficulty in adjusting to changing market trends and customer preferences
  • Difficulty in providing attractive deals, offers and discounts.

Solution proposed by us :

  • Creating valuable and engaging content that appeals to the target audience.
  • Use of CMS to offering special deals and promotions to encourage customers to make a purchase.
  • Building a community around the brand through customer engagement and interaction.
  • Day to day content adaptation & scheduling.Day to day content adaptation & scheduling.

Key Results :

  • Increased Online engagement with retail audience.
  • Attractive presentation of information (Animated/ Video shoot) at Retail Store
  • Same day campaign implementation & Auto removal of information when obsolete.
  • Hundreds of information running simultaneously W/O clutter.
  • No internal manpower dependency.
  • Proof of play maintained for each information displayed.