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Digital Standee

Design Your Standee Great finish, with different enclosure materials and finish styles

Ultra Slim Digital Standee

Digital Standees with customised branding to engage your customers at important touch-points. Be it the help-desk of a multi-speciality hospital or the reception of a 5* resort, digital standees drive customer engagement and help influence customer behaviour via rich engaging content.

Customized Digital Standee

Know your visitors and show relevant messages. Find what their dwell time in front of the screen is and which creative they noticed. Personalise your communication for each visitor to increase conversions & leave long lasting impressions.

Integrate your loyalty programs with screens content.

We Prescribe Digital Signage & Specialized Patient Education Content

Provide easy access to clinic information, lower perceived wait times, and incorporate useful audio-visual cues oriented around patient well-being, patient care and recovery in Healthcare Industry. Customized, scalable digital signage solutions in healthcare and hospital that showcase engaging and therapeutic content to your patients, care providers and other support personnel without being intrusive.

How We Can Help You

  • Promote a restful, therapeutic environment
  • Lower perceived wait time
  • Increase positive patient experiences
  • Assist with facilities and wayfinding
  • Provide vital information and motivational content
  • Interactive help modules to take load off helpdesks
  • Multi-lingual support for all interactions

Services that Offer Our Client

Content Development

We specialize in creating medical content – Animated/ Videographed which is being used by our partners in their premises & on their social media.

Customized Digital Displays

Digital standees, Videowalls, LED scrollers, Touch Kiosk and other customized displays can be made by us to increase your patient engagement.

Online Content Management

Our cloud based content management solutions helps you to control your screens remotely and gives advanced options.