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Since 2013, Sparsa Digital  brings more than 10 years of well experience in design, manufacture & installation. It began as a SaaS Service  for Different types of Signages.

We story-tell through creative concepts and provide all kind of signs for the most recognized brands across the worldwide. With advanced design and manufacturing facilities and a wealth of talented, time-served signage team of professionals, signs that help businesses stand out.

We are proudly present in GEM, emphasizing our reach and presence in the marketplace.



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At Sparsa Digital we focus on providing technology cum media solutions to our customers, that is called digital signage solutions and the core objective of our services is to assist the brands in engaging with their in-store audience, using our customized Audio Video solutions focused on creating product awareness, brand awareness, generating leads, pushing offers, getting feedback, increasing sales conversions and also to address other specific brand needs.


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We have been working with a wide range of businesses over the years, from retail to hospitality, healthcare, food & beverages, finance, manufacturing firms. Our services are designed to help you stand out from the competition while raising awareness of your business.


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A Comprehensive Guide to Various Types of Solutions

Commercial LED Signage

Commonly used for outdoor and indoor advertising and brand promotion.


A Content Management System (CMS) is software that allows users to manage and organize digital signage content.

Content Development

Content development for signage involves creating and producing visual and textual materials for display on digital or physical signs.

Support Services

It’s include maintenance, troubleshooting as well as providing technical assistance for their operation and management.

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We have been using Sparsa Digital for the past two years, and the digital display solution provided by them has been perfect for our needs, whether it is a complete package with screens or just with display devices alone. The content management and support system they have built is phenomenal and built to scale for many sites or locations across India. Overall, it's been a wonderful service by Sparsa Digital so far.
We at Medanta require video projects to be delivered with high precision technical briefs. Sparsa has been our ongoing video producer and also takes care of our vast film archive. They have demonstrated a great understanding of our business and the target markets we communicate with. Highly recommended

We Are Your One Stop Signage Solutions.

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Signage Designing Is In Our Blood

We strive to exceed industry standards by providing our clients with superior signage solutions through in-house custom design fabrication, and installation


Verified Professional Since,2013

We are following fundamentals which are the pillar of the company since it’s establishment.

Provides Competitive Advantage

Creativity at the front of a shop makes a business stand out and can attract customers.

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We’ve complied the list of frequently asked questions to help you along the way to obtain higher performance

What is Digital Signage??

Digital signage solutions comprise a variety of associated advanced screens that can show content and data in any space.

Why I should choose your company?

We are a Technology cum Media company that provides end to end solutions for digitizing in store communications. Our customer journey starts from planning digital signages, identifying adequate displays & technologies, Sourcing or custom development of displays, Providing online content management platform (CMS), Production of Audio, Video & Graphical content to day to day content scheduling, asset management & Desk / On ground support.

What other services do you provide?

We provide innovative communication solutions using IOT based low cost scalable hardware, Have already developed & deployed IOT based lighting solutions & temperature monitoring system for refrigerators across the country.

How quick is your service turnaround?

Understanding that the information played on our digital displays are very critical in nature we work constantly to keep our TAT as least as possible, currently we are managing our Desk support TAT of avg 4-8 hrs & our on ground visit TAT where required / possible within 48 hrs.

Can my Company or Business benefit from Sparsa Digital Signage?

The ability of digital signage to educate, inform and entertain means the technology is visible in multiple market sectors, from retail, transport and education to corporate, hospitality and the public sector, today digital signages are adding huge value and hence are extremely popular across the world.

Is Sparsa Digital Software Free?

No, Sparsa works in the SAAS model, it has various options available from self managed service plan to managed service plan.

Do you also provide display screens?

Yes, we do, having range of variety starting from 2 inch small screens to 20 ft big video walls

Can your signage work on moving vehicles, say a cab or a bus?

Yes, it can, we have a special range of LED signages that work on car batteries.

Do you provide a turnkey solution?

Yes, we do end to end solutions, from planning digital signages to execution and then day to day management of the same .

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