IOT LED Digital Signage Solutions

Are you highlighting your important communications ?

At your store you have multiple information to display, not all brings equal benefits, some are your key business drivers but others are important too.

While you have to display them all but a few deserve more power from you, to make a grand impression & bring in desired results.

You may have some expectations from your display assets (windows, shelf, in shop counters etc) could be to

  • Increase Walk in Traffic
  • Promote New Products
  • Improve Customer Experience

You have many ideas to achieve the same but the first battle remains is to grab customer’s attention. That is why highlighting the right communication is important.

IOT LED Remote


We help you make them glow:)  isn’t that simple. Let us explain to you more.

We have a unique idea to add LED lighting

  • Digital visuals
  • Empower you to control them as per need of your communication
  • Giving your key pointers more power
  • With an arsenal of Color change
  • Animation play
  • Brightness scales along with creative schedules.
  • All this can be Pre-Scheduled & played remotely in a few minutes.


A temperature sensor for all and any refrigeration system where you need to monitor the temperature

Do you know that Coke says the ‘perfect’ temperature to serve its drink is between 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit?

Wondering why is it so ?

These temperature ranges are studied over a long period to ensure that your beverages or any other food items taste even better with certain molecular associations at internal levels. You might have seen people having separate refrigerators for beverages. That is just because of the fact that these drinks require an optimum minimal temperature to be stored to avoid degradation of the taste. So does all other cold stored products.

An optimum temperature can do wonders

♦ Beverages

♦ Ice creams

♦ Vaccines

A simple refrigerator cannot maintain a specific temperature at times, it can only maintain it within a certain range of degrees.

With the help of our digital technology sensors, you can easily maintain a record of the temperature range at any given hour of the day.

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