2D Animation Services

2D Animation Services

2D Animation Services

Businesses can save time, money, a skilled 2D animation company in India that provides storyboarding, compositing, and editing of intros, transitions, and more.

Our value-driven 2D animation production process starts with requirement analysis, visualization, storyboarding, audio editing, animatic, layout, and post-production to ensure we can practically and effectively meet clients’ needs. Sparsa Digital creative outsourcing services adopt an innovative approach to traditional 2D animation, with the cinematic tools that will take your 2D animation project to the next level.

Customizable 2D Animation Services

From diverse characters and dynamic storytelling to genre-pushing and avant-garde animation styles, Sparsa Digital delivers a complete solution service model for 2D animated videos:

Business 2D Animation

We compliments your business and brand with value-driven 2D animation options for 2D Explainer Videos, Whiteboard Animation, and Logo Animation that utilizes classic structures to promote your unique company objectives.

Personalized 2D Animation Video Concepts

We develops unique and customizable 2D animated videos from storyboarding, animation styles, character development, sound effects, and music.

2D Character Animation

We animates characters with lifelike motions and intuitive 2D animation, visually developing the physical representation of your characters.


We unlocks possibilities and pushes the boundaries of storytelling with 2D animation that supports your message, plot, characters, style, and tone in a streamlined message.

Benefits of Sparsa Digital Professionals 2D Animation Services

We manipulates 2D animation techniques, fine-tuning details like timing and music syncing so clients can benefit from our toolbox of select animation effects and solutions:

In-Demand Team

Work with in-demand, experienced Project and Production Managers, Illustrators, Animators, Sound Engineers, and Creative Script Writers who work under ISO certified processes using industry-standard tools to convey your message and value proposition.

Unrestricted Video and Audio Embedding

Receive soundtracks in your 2D animation project that are fully embedded to include music, sound effect, sing along, musical score tracks, dialogue, and more, that are initially prepared using a scratch track to ensure completely unrestricted audio capabilities that align with video features.

Expressive Cell Animation

Take advantage of rising 2D animation trends with a simplified, yet electric, high-contrast animation effect that merges bright color palettes with a sharp design for an edgy, street-art, cell-by-cell look.

Rich Technical Effects

Enhance your animation with technical effects like segmenting, fragment merging, scripting, rich text, raster graphics, vector-based animation, Stop Frame animation, and Key Frame animation for both traditional frame-by-frame and cutout animation options.

Endless Choices

2D animation for commercials, mobile and web apps, video games, training courses, feature-length or short films, pre-roll, marketing, and sales funnels, and internal communication to help artists, game and app developers, educators, aspiring filmmakers, and businesses build trust, captivate audiences, and present ideas.

In these videos we have done Scripting, Storyboard and Animation.

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