Transparent LCD Box

Based on state of the art LCD technology we present to you a transparent LCD display. This unique display gives you an opportunity for combining physical objects with full color video content. An LCD transparent box is a type of display that uses a transparent LCD screen to allow people to see through it while still displaying images or text.

These types of displays are often used in retail settings to showcase products or in museum exhibits to provide information about artifacts. Transparent LCD screens are made using special materials and techniques that allow light to pass through them, while still displaying an image on top of the screen.




  • Excellent for 3D projections or simulation videos
  • Visualize your window in a bright tv or video screen
  • Excellent for advertisement in high resolution video images
  • Available in Customized Sizes Too
  • Can be an idea for hologram projections
  • Product placement inside the box with features displayed on top of the screen

Other Features

The see-through display opens a world of opportunities for creating powerful effects to make your products come alive.

The transparent display has a high transparency rate, which enables a person to
look right through the panel like glass, and it consumes 90% less electricity
compared with a conventional LCD panel using a back light unit.

Transparent LCD screens offer exciting new ways to
engage your audience.

A transparent LCD screen can also be combined with touch foils or touch
frames to add an interactive element to your installation. This creates a
particularly powerful impact when the content on screen integrates with
real life objects behind the screen, encouraging viewers to interact

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