Digital Signage Solutions in India

Sparsa Digital is providing digital signage solutions in India, offering a range of solutions for various industries. Our solutions include cloud-based digital signage software, interactive kiosks, and custom-designed digital displays.

Integrated Audio Video Solutions

We provide digital signage solutions in India for every industry. We control and sync your music with digital displays and ensure that your stores, retail outlets and restaurants always play great music. Customers feel upbeat and the environment is directed towards inducing your customers to buy and keep buying. We make all the right sounds. Music that will compliments your stores and your brand identity.

Our advanced analytical and experiential technology systems help grow your business by improving customer experience, providing a deep insight into your customers profile, behaviour, and much more.

Private Advertising Network

We can assist you in creating your in-house advertising network, giving you full control of inventory management and viewing detailed campaign performance reporting.

Advance scheduling option allows you to run campaigns as per buyers order, specific to the day, hour and no of repetitions per day.

Automated emailers for the advertiser and your team keeps all operation simple and independent of any manual efforts.

Content Management Services in India

Cloud-based Content Management Systems ( CMS ) for bespoke streaming of content on your Digital Screens or LEDs. Update, refresh and sync content in real time yourself or we can do it for you with our fully managed content management service.
The latest in customer analytics solutions and interactive software
to track customer engagement and ROIs.


  • Real-time content planning and implementation
  • Convert any screen into a powerful digital signage
  • Proof of play, scheduling, reporting etc. without human intervention
  • Secure and reliable cloud based digital signage application
  • DIY content creation solution gives you flexibility
  • Schedule or publish on any screen with a single touch
  • Play any creative in multiple format at any location, with specified time schedules
  • Operate through single or multiple control points
  • Complete reporting on content display history

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