Digital Display

Digital Display

Digital Display Boards is the best visual tools that helps businesses in branding, circulating the right messages. Digital Display Boards take a touch of work to rejuvenate. Network proprietors must get equipment equipped for controlling the intuitive substance, and drive that equipment with programming. This associates the appropriate pieces together for the substance to flawlessly run.

Digital Standee

Digital Standees with customised branding to engage your customers at important touch-points. Be it the help-desk of a multi-speciality hospital or the reception of a 5* resort, digital standees drive customer engagement and help influence customer behaviour via rich engaging content.

We have verities in digital standee like: A Frame Standee, Ultra Slim Standee, Customized Digital Standee

LED Wall

LCD walls are cursed with bezels. This bezel-led interruption ruins the entire viewing experience for your audience. Sparsa Digital LED displays provide a bezel-less & rich visual experience.

LED display units use light-emitting diodes to create pixels,which are mounted on to modules. These modules placed together make up an entire LED walls. These screens can be customised in size and shape as per the requiremnt of the end client .

Voice Activated Kiosk

Voice Activated Displays are a part of the novel technology that can help your visitors in interactive as well as better engaging ways.

From a single floor mapping to an entire campus area, this can help the audience surf for best possible navigation just on spoken commands.

Wondering where else can it do wonders? In a restaurant, it can help people navigate a menu much more easily. Moreover, in a library, readers can get access to the desired books without physically looking out for each one of them.

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Transparent Display

Make your storefront look alive and attract the attention it deserves through our Transparent LED displays. You can create a stunning entrance or turn any architecture to a marquee location with this range of transparent LED display.

They are best-in-class displays that offer up to 80% of transparency that gives a natural window feel to it, by simultaneously delivering attractive, vibrant, and engaging content for the people passing by. Furthermore, these displays are light in weight and hence can be easily installed and maintained

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