• Project Digital Standee
  • Category Healthcare
  • Clients Ivy Hospital


The Healthcare Group stands testimony to one of the best patient-care facilities in Punjab. Ivy hospitals, where compassion rules over commercialism, quality healthcare treatments are provided using state-of-art equipment – at affordable rates, stand tall as one of the most sought–after and reliable healthcare institute of North India.

What We Offer for Our Client:

Digital Standee

  • Revolutionizing Hospital Marketing with Digital Sophistication:

    Embrace the fusion of technology and aesthetics with our innovative Digital Standee, set to redefine your hospital’s marketing approach. Immerse your brand in the digital landscape with cutting-edge displays, dynamic content, and captivating imagery, ensuring your message resonates with the discerning audience of one of India’s leading healthcare establishments.

    Tailored Solutions for Unmatched Influence:

    Our Digital Standee solutions are meticulously tailored to seamlessly integrate into the refined ambiance of hospitals. From informative lobby displays to promoting exclusive medical events, we deliver bespoke digital experiences that leave a lasting impression on your target demographic.

    Where Aesthetics Meets Innovation:

    Harmonize seamlessly with the serene environment of hospitals through our sleek and contemporary designs. Our Digital Standees aren’t just marketing tools; they’re artistic additions that enhance the overall aesthetic allure of your medical facility.

    Real-time Engagement and Insights:

    Harness the power of real-time analytics to gauge the efficacy of your marketing endeavors. Track visitor engagement, content performance, and audience demographics to refine your strategy and amplify your impact on healthcare communication.