Temperature Sensor

Do you know that Coke says the ‘perfect’ temperature to serve its drink is between 34 to 38 degrees Fahrenheit? Wondering why is it so ?

From your beverages to ice creams or even vaccines, an optimum temperature can do wonders. A simple refrigerator cannot maintain a specific temperature at times, it can only maintain it within a certain range of degrees.

With the help of our digital technology sensors, you can easily maintain a record of the temperature range at any given hour of the day.

What is refrigeration monitoring about?

Sparsa’s IoT platform for refrigeration monitoring powers applications which provide real-time visibility of the health and performance of refrigeration systems, to track the temperature of fresh and frozen products, to improve quality, increase energy efficiency and reduce food waste and cost.

It’s a known fact that products stored & served at the right temperature improves customer delight & increases profits by wastage control.

Keeping a check on the temperature of your display refrigerators / freezers is now simple with our IoT based solution, Any kind of spoilage, either ice creams getting melted, or milk or vaccines getting spoiled due to non-optimal temperature can be checked and prevented using multi use temperature loggers.

​These multi-use temperature loggers are especially developed for monitoring temperature- sensitive products throughout the entire sales displays. Their robust designs make them suitable for retail refrigerator system monitoring of Ice Creams, Beverages, Beer & Wines, Pharmaceuticals, Food Products etc.

It’s now easy to maintain Perfect Product Storage Temperature 24 x 7, gain customer delight, and improve profits!

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