The usage of digital signage solutions has increased multiple folds over the period of time. It is undoubtedly because of the versatile functionalities it offers to organisations. Not only does digital signage software work well for a specific industry, but it adds more value to the same.

Digital signage solutions
are a perfect hit for any specific industry dreaming desired results. Talking more about its usage, one can say that such advanced solutions are more reliable and hence, more effective than traditional signage systems.

Consider opting for digital signage solutions for centrally managing content on your TV screens ensuring that you add value to your customers’ experiences.

Amidst the chaos created by this global pandemic, more businesses have been understanding the importance of switching to digital signage software to digitize their static communications.

This can also help you update the content remotely however and whenever needed, without requiring your physical presence at the location.

Digital signage solutions offer numerous benefits as listed below:

  1. Faster Implementation- It is no secret that with the advancement in technology, the majority of the processes have picked up speed. Similarly, using digital signage software eliminates the long waiting time, ensuring results for time-sensitive marketing.
  2. Better Interactivity- Digital signage solutions provide a memorable experience for a user. This is another unmatchable quality that printed signage cannot compete with.
  3. Reduced Costs & Paper Wastage- In comparison to traditional signage methods, digital signage software is way more compatible with zero paper wastage, i.e. it is completely environment friendly, and also it helps reduce costs of printing too.
  4. Boost Impulse Purchase Sales- As per a study, digital signage solution increases possibility of a consumer to buy. It helps them make a faster decision for purchasing the item. Hence, it gives you another reason to begin with digital signage software today.
  5. Reduce Load on Manpower- Digital signage solutions allow you to give a break to your workforce, or put them onto more essential services. Boosting the efficiency of the employees has never been this easy.

Need more reasons to make up your mind in purchasing the right digital signage software? Say no more. We, at Sparsa, offer an end to end solution for changing your static communications to digital communications.

Starting from selecting displays to ensuring successful playout on each day to proactive monitoring & field support.

Our list of digital signage solutions includes :

  1. Screen selection – 1.5-inch display to displays equal to full wall size (20-30 ft or more), LCD, LED or E-Paper Displays.
  2. Media player selection – Android, Linux, Windows, WebOS, Tizen, Pi or Microcontrollers.
  3. Devising appropriate CMS as per media player (Cloud-based content hosting / local setup)
  4. Existing Content Adaptation as per screen type or New Content generation.
  5. Content scheduling as per location, day & daypart.
  6. Backend content play monitoring.
  7. Field support across 7 major cities (Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata & Chennai) Feel free to contact us now, or book a free demo with our experts today! Make the most out of digital signage software before it’s too late.