Your Wayfinding Should be Digital

Here’s a list of a few out of numerous advantages of Digital Way-Finding Signage that might help you get ahead in this technology-driven era.

To begin with, Digital Wayfinders add texture to public spaces. Not only are they Eco-friendly (considering no more paper wastage), they are highly cost-effective too. It gives freedom to the visitors to access the desired information, without engaging with the staff members.

It’s the new normal, that’s what it is ! Leaving spaces clutter-free, these wayfinders can serve people in multiple languages which promotes integrity. These are also pretty useful in displaying short and important messages alongside promoting the interests of the visitors.

For instance, if a doctor is not available for a certain day, a message can be put making sure that patients do not waste their time & efforts looking up for them. Essential announcements such as free dental camp, blood donation drive can also be displayed on these LED screens just with a few clicks!

A Hindawi journal concluded 4 uses of digital wayfinding (based on a study) which include convenient process (90%), informational content (80%), interactive process (70%), and entertaining content (57%).

Maximizing the use of digital signage with the help of these wayfinders is extremely resourceful. Giving personalized attention to the visitor, it ensures greater satisfaction. Its compact and sleek design makes it a perfect fit for your healthcare unit. Allow your visitors a stress-free visit with easy navigation during times of an emergency.

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