Serve up an amazing customer experience

Quick Service Restaurants Menu Board

Quick and service are the key words here. QSRs are all about giving customers a unique and engaging buying experience.


And just when your customers need a little push to place their order, digital menu boards can highlight featured items or add-ons at just the right moment for suggestive selling to drive up revenues.

We know exactly the right way to utilize digital signage to get you all of those benefits and a lot more.


Through digital menu boards, well placed signage at POS areas or touch screen self-service kiosks, we can help you deliver content designed to upsell your products and leave consumers with a positive buying experience.


On top of that, all of our solutions are scalable making standardizing your content across franchise locations easy.

Digital Tent Cards

  • Mini display for playing menu & promotions

  • Small displays for on table placement​

  • Attractive placeholder to grab visitor attention

  • Content can be locally/ centrally managed

  • Customized designs in touch and non touch

Integrated Music for the restaurants

Store amplifiers and screens run in Sync. Restaurant audio system plays music at all times mixed with its promotions, whereas screen runs music videos or brand promotions as per schedule.

Key Advantages

  • Integrated music runs as a great impact entertainment, which can earns excellent client reviews.

  • A strong platform for self brand promotions/ external advertising as audio gets the due attention and screen serves information details.

  • Centrally controlled music and promotions, can be conveniently updated and tracked

  • Offers very good opportunity for revenue generation.


How we can help

  • Centrally control Music & Vidoes

  • Produce Videos with audio

  • Present menus in an attractive and rich digital format

  • Work with dynamic pricing model

  • Display time specific menus e.g. Breakfast menu, Happy hours menu

  • Increase awareness for offers and promos

  • Suggestive selling at point of sale

  • Positive customer experience

  • Content system that’s easy to edit

  • Cost-effective and consistent across locations

  • Provide a digital signage solution capable of broadcasting dynamic, attention-getting HD content seamlessly

  • Assist in maintaining a cohesive brand image by providing you with a centralized content hub that allows all locations for your QSR to be updated simultaneously or selectively based on your needs

  • Integrate with your point of sale systems to drive up selling of specific food items or add-ons

  • Suggest a scalable digital signage solution capable of growing with your needs

  • Dynamic control based on hierarchy – from restaurant managers to head office