Ultra Slim Digital Standee Digital Standees with customised branding to engage your customers at important touch-points. Be it the help-desk of a multi-speciality hospital or the reception of a 5* resort, digital standees drive customer engagement and help influence customer behaviour via rich engaging content. Explore the future of advertising and make a lasting impression with … Continue reading Products
A Frame Standee To begin with, it is aesthetically pleasing, to the audience’s eyes. It is very slim, ranging from 13mm to 35mm. It is easily portable, so it is very convenient to place indoors as per the requirements. Digital A Frame Standee comes in honey-combing packaging, the transportation of this element is rather easy … Continue reading Products
Hanging Display / Sparkle Series Hanging display signage, also known as sparkle signage, refers to a type of signage that is suspended or hung from the ceiling or other structures. It is typically used in retail stores, exhibitions, trade shows, and other commercial settings to attract attention and promote products or services. Sparkle signage gets … Continue reading Hanging Display
Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk An intelligent stand is an equipment gadget coordinated with explicit programming to assist with further developing the client experience. As such, a gadget gives open doors to guests to draw in with digital signage through touch or voice so they can find explicit data connected with a business. These Interactive Touch kiosks … Continue reading Products
Transparent LCD Box Based on state of the art LCD technology we present to you a transparent LCD Box. This unique display gives you an opportunity for combining physical objects with full color video content. An LCD transparent box is a type of display that uses a transparent LCD screen to allow people to see … Continue reading Transparent LCD Box
Make A Statement For Your Business With Video Walls In the present cutthroat and stuffed universe of promoting, your business can construct an enduring client impression by embracing the utilization of video wall innovation. Various corporate pioneers have proactively introduced video walls at their central command to connect with their visitors and clients. In the same way … Continue reading Products
Indoor Series Transparent LED Transparent LED is a term used to describe LED lights that are embedded in a transparent material such as glass or acrylic. Transparent LED Walls are used for a variety of purposes, including as walls or windows for advertisements, art installations, or event decorations. They are often used in public spaces … Continue reading Products
LED Video Wall Ensure Greater Attention with LED Video Wall Technology: The Latest Standard:: In the present era, people need a story to connect to your brand which can further help influence their decision-making process. These bright, LED Video Wall are capable of narrating your brand’s story to the audience making sure the required impact is made. LED Video … Continue reading Products
Electronic Shelf Labels "Effortless Pricing Management: Experience Electronic Shelf Labels!" An electronic shelf labels (ESL) is a digital display that is used to show the price and other information about products on a store shelf. It is typically used in retail stores to replace traditional paper price tags and can be easily updated remotely. This … Continue reading Products
Digital Tent cards Going digital with such a great promotional tool can take your business to new heights in no time. Digital tent cards can be a hit for all industries from cinemas to restaurants, whether it is about promoting the latest specials or happy hours. These compact displays can be placed easily on countertops, desks, reception … Continue reading Products
Wayfinding Signage Wayfinding software – including advanced signage and wayfinding stands – can help any corporate endeavour or advanced education office: Remain individuals driven, Facilitate the weight on guests, Empower consistent route of a property It might also assist you with keeping guests informed about gathering refreshes, traffic refreshes, neighbourhood news and then some. As … Continue reading Products
Voice Activated Kiosk The technology that allows spoken human interaction uses a voice command device and speech recognition software to understand commands and trigger the performing of actions like retrieving information, operating devices or even a kinetic action. Today, consumers seek insights and data to find and evaluate their choices and make informed decisions. This … Continue reading Products
IOT LED Digital Signage Solutions Are you highlighting your important communications ? At your store you have multiple information to display, not all brings equal benefits, some are your key business drivers but others are important too. While you have to display them all but a few deserve more power from you, to make a … Continue reading Products
Digital Menu Boards Digital menu boards have gained popularity in recent years as a modern and dynamic alternative to traditional static menu displays in various industries, including restaurants, cafes, fast-food chains, and retail establishments. These innovative displays utilize digital screens and technology to present menus, pricing, promotions, and other relevant information in an engaging and … Continue reading Products
Digital OPD Boards Worry no more! With the assistance of the Digital OPD board, you can offer yourself a reprieve from these endless errands, and work in a seamlessly easy manner! Change the timetables for accessible staff at the simplicity of your fingertips while tasting on a hot mug of espresso.m Advanced Signage can be … Continue reading Products
Refrigeration Monitoring Keeping a check on the temperature of your display refrigerators / freezers is now simple with our IoT based solution. Real-time visibility of the performance of refrigeration systems Track the temperature of fresh and frozen products Increase power efficiency. Reduce wastage of food and save cost. Features Thermocouples: RTDs (Resistance Temperature Detectors): Thermistors: … Continue reading Products
Pick and Learn Pick & Learn applications offer a unique opportunity to enhance the customer's brand experience by combining physical interaction with digital content. When the customer picks up a product, sensors or RFID technology can detect the movement and trigger digital content on a nearby screen or device. This content can be tailored to … Continue reading Products