Voice Activated Kiosk

The technology that allows spoken human interaction uses a voice command device and speech recognition software to understand commands and trigger the performing of actions like retrieving information, operating devices or even a kinetic action. Today, consumers seek insights and data to find and evaluate their choices and make informed decisions. This has made voice activated screens to be the most popular application in terms of return on investment and ease of installation.

The key benefit of this technology:

  • Intuitive Self-Service
  • Speed of Service
  • Hands-Free Journey
  • Efficient Use of Human Resource
  • Scalability
  • Hygiene

Handless Device

Technology has enabled humans to multi-task more efficiently than before. Shopping at a store has always been a ritual-based activity that requires high
involvement in terms of physicality and concentration. Voice-activated intervention in the customer journey has added ultra-convenience with customer centric personalized service in the shopping journey. A virtual voice assistant can help find products, offer relevant information and make predictive recommendations enabling an enjoyable hands-free shopping experience.

Voice Activated Kiosk

Technological advancements have enabled the voice activation to be embedded in devices like digital screens, smartphones, speakers or wearables. Amazon has led this democratization with the Amazon Alexa which can be accessed by anyone anywhere. Chatbot technology, made popular by e-commerce, is integrated in this system to enable customers to have purposeful conversations with the brand and delivery frictionless customer experiences instore. One of the most popular applications of this technology in retail are hands-free voice activated screens. These can be integrated into retail environments in terms of their design concept in strategic locations to enable intelligent and convenient interventions in the shopping journey.