Digital Tent cards

Going digital with such a great promotional tool can take your business to new heights in no time. Digital tent cards can be a hit for all industries from cinemas to restaurants, whether it is about promoting the latest specials or happy hours.

These compact displays can be placed easily on countertops, desks, reception areas, etc., and are also efficient in grabbing the attention of the visitors wherever placed.

Product Description: 10.1” L-Type Digital Signage



Horizontal Table Top

Intelligent Digital Signage

Horizontal Table Top

General Description
Body Material: Plastic Casing
Interface(For Multimedia Play):
USB2.0*3/Wi-Fi /Bluetooth/RJ45/SD Card

Slim Android Elevator Digital Signage

Slim Android Elevator Digital Signage


Super Slim Design 21.5″
Operation System: Android 10.1
Resolutions: 1920*1080 IPS Panel
Built- In Speaker

Slim Elevator Digital Signage