Pick and Learn

Pick & Learn applications offer a unique opportunity to enhance the customer’s brand experience by combining physical interaction with digital content. When the customer picks up a product, sensors or RFID technology can detect the movement and trigger digital content on a nearby screen or device. This content can be tailored to provide detailed information about the product, showcase additional features, or even offer personalized recommendations.

Place and Learn

The driver detects what tag number is placed on the antenna. This facilitates implementation of a so-called Place & Learn application in which digital content is triggered when a product/object is placed on the antenna. Simultaneously, the pixel LED strip can be set to match the color of the product /object.

Press and Learn

Press & Learn is another interactive technology that can be used to create engaging experiences between a brand and its customers. In this context, when a customer presses a designated area or button on a product or display, it triggers a response or reveals additional information.

“Pick and Learn” and “Pick and Learn” ,”Press and Learn” technology are retail strategies that use technology, such as RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags and QR codes, to enhance the customer’s in-store experience. These technologies allow customers to interact with products in a more interactive and engaging way, by linking physical products with digital content.




  • Improved customer engagement:
  • Increased sales:
  • Enhanced product knowledge:
  • Better inventory management:
  • Personalized experiences:
  • Cost savings: