A Frame Standee

To begin with, it is aesthetically pleasing, to the audience’s eyes. It is very slim, ranging from 13mm to 35mm. It is easily portable, so it is very convenient to place indoors as per the requirements. Digital A Frame Standee comes in honey-combing packaging, the transportation of this element is rather easy & convenient to carry forward. With its android-based content management system, organizations can easily upload or delete content over the cloud from a centralized location.



  • Super Slim Design
  • 350 nits Brightness
  • FHD Resolution
  • Android SoC
  • External Input
  • Support off-line USB Playback Mode

Quality Maintain Every Time

Its display portraying higher brightness gives it an advantage over any other display. It can be seen from a distance. It also has easy connectivity and media input options like USB, LAN, and aux. It can also be easily connected to the Wifi around. It comes in different colors, like Saturn black, ivory white, etc. These colors can also be customized as per the client’s requirements anytime.

Advantage of A Frame Standee(Digital Easel Stand)

  • Full HD Display with Upright and Easel ( A-Frame ) Digital Stand.
  • Android Enabled Display.
  • Vertical Installation.
  • Play Multiple Advertisement (image, date, video, time, weather, etc.)
  • Interval Play Advertisement by Setting.
  • Cloud based Content Management Service also Possible by Sparsa CMS.
  • Capacitive Touch/IR Touch Option.
  • Extra productivity
  • Extra Income

3D View (A Frame Standee)