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Still Struggling out to Find Alternatives to Your Regular Print Standees?

Updated: May 2

Well, Digital standees can make it simpler than you can even think of. Read more to know how.

Gone are the days of an outdated or old-school approach to reach out to your potential customers. In the era of ever-advancing technology, the use of digital signage has made things easier for businesses worldwide. Digital standees, as the name suggests, run totally on power and require zero manual efforts, to begin with.

In comparison to print standee, a digital standee is extremely affordable, since it eliminates the costs of labour & prints for every time you need to put something new on display. Not only can you share important health-related information with a few clicks in no time, but it also helps you provide a dynamic user experience to your customers.

Attention-grabbing LED frames make it easier for people to distinguish it from a distance, therefore, no more need for placement at shorter distances. Dynamic display grabs higher attention in comparison to the static display that may become blind spots with time.

Being centrally controlled within an organization, it can also be proved quite useful for displaying emergency/ fire exit directions, fundraising, or other charitable events by the staff, as and when required.

Digital standees are movable, compact and can make the facility clutter free allowing maximum space utilisation.

Digital Standees

Interactive video screens considerably lower perceived waiting time for patients by capturing their attention, giving you opportunities for referral marketing programs or additional sources of revenue via third-party advertising. Not to mention, but digital standees have a longer shelf life than regular standees, hence a win-win situation. Moreover, it gives you freedom to manage advertising in a controlled manner considering frequency, duration display, etc.

Also, according to Independent Retailer, digital signage in itself, can increase overall sales volume by approximately 32%. Still need reasons to begin with?

Now that you know how the application of digital standees can improve your services, get in touch with us today to waste your time no more. Our experts can help you implement these solutions tailored to your requirements. Book your free demo today at https://www.sparsadigital.in/contact-us

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