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Don’t Stop Educating Even In The Pandemic!

Almost every sector has been hit hard by COVID-19 and so does the Educational Sector. COVID-19 outbreak has affected educational institutions and is making a huge impact on the economies and societies. Education is a necessity for the bright future of the country and should not be held back,but at the same time tackling the pandemic situation and maintaining the social distance is also important,so what should we do? We can neither neglect the pandemic nor compromise with studies.

Well, this is where our Learning Management System comes in the picture, acting as a bridge between teachers and students, and not just a usual bridge but a bridge well sanitised with features, packed with so many useful tools that you’ll be sticking to our LMS even after the pandemic(we will be happy if you do).

You will get addicted to our super easy user interface and to our useful and numerous tools and features.

“Yes”,if you used to take tuition and coaching classes and think if you alone can afford our LMS or not then I have already quoted the answer in the beginning. Our subscription fee is very reasonable and fairly priced.

You can easily create your own courses on our platform, give assignments, attach important files,perform a live stream on our powerful video tool,record your lectures, set reminders, set deadlines for submission of the given tasks,add assessments and custom certificates and so much more,just sign in and start creating.

Our team will provide the required assistance and handle all the tech involved like recording lectures and more so you can concentrate on the bright future of our country.

Click to know more about Sparsa’s LMS and other services.

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