• Project IOT LED(RGB)
  • Category Retail
  • Clients Different Retail Stores


Over the years we have been associated with various formats of market and are catering to their specialized needs like knowing visitor count & demographics, managing music, displaying latest promotion, customer interactive kiosks and more.

How We Can Help You

Connected Intelligent Digital Screens

  • Manage screens remotely with all your retail store.
  • Show relevant content across locations/cities
  • Customised to compliment your area/event
  • Branded white labelled as per your requirement

Connected Management Services

Cloud-based content management systems for bespoke streaming of content on your Digital Screens or LEDs. Update, refresh and sync content in real time yourself or we can do it for you with our fully managed content management service. The latest in customer analytics solutions and interactive software to track customer engagement and ROIs.

IOT Enabled Retail Solutions

  • Save Cost by providing accurate and timely information.
  • Engage Audience in Retail Stores to boost sales
  • Enhance Customer Experience.
IOT LED Remote
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