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North – East India

About the setup :
One of our partner hospital chain running operations in many parts of the North-East of India

Challenges faced in regards to patient communication :

  • Sharing useful health information on hospital’s social media page to engage its audience online.
  • Hospital was maintaining doctor O.P.D schedule board manually, where every week there were changes in doctor time availability, it was a challenge to keep the board updated all times.
  • Hospital had to display various – Doctor profile, success stories, achievement etc (for each of departments) without cluttering the receptions.

Solution proposed by us :

  • Monthly development of animated content for patient education, used for online promotions .
  • Digital signage to run doctor OPD boards.
  • Use of video wall & digital standee to run useful patient information W/O cluttering reception.
  • Day to day content adaptation & scheduling.Day to day content adaptation & scheduling.

Key Results :

  • Increased Online engagement with hospital audience.
  • Attractive presentation of information (Animated/ Video shoot) at hospital.
  • Same day campaign implementation & Auto removal of information when obsolete.
  • Hundreds of information running simultaneously W/O clutter.
  • No internal manpower dependency.
  • Proof of play maintained for each information displayed.