• Project A frame Standee
  • Category Retail
  • Clients Leading Electronics Brand(Multiple Location)


Leading Electronics Brand has seen demand for its products move up exponentially as the country moved through the period of pandemic where do-it-yourself (DIY) became the norm as homes turned into offices and schools during the period of lockdowns mobility restrictions.

A frame Standee

  • Full HD Display with Upright and Easel ( A-Frame ) Digital Stand.
  • Android Enabled Display.
  • Customised OS Android 6, Android 7 and Android 9
  • Vertical Installation.
  • Interval Play Advertisement by Setting.
  • Cloud based Content Management Service also Possible by Sparsa CMS.

Connected Intelligent Digital Screens

  • Manage screens remotely
  • Show relevant content across locations/cities
  • Customised to compliment your area/event
  • Branded white labelled as per your requirement

Content Management Services

Cloud-based content management systems for bespoke streaming of content on your Digital Screens or LEDs. Update, refresh and sync content in real time yourself or we can do it for you with our fully managed content management service. The latest in customer analytics solutions and interactive software to track customer engagement and ROIs.