Don’t miss chance to celebrate your donors digitally, and say ‘Thanks’!

Gone are the days of putting countless posters on the wall for appealing or appreciating your audience for donation drives at the facility. With display donor boards express your true feelings with the visitors and elaborately share your donors’ stories. Give them freedom with interactive touch screens allowing access to online stories just a few clicks away.

Interactive Touch Screens Manage content on donor boards with easy accessibility. Since unlimited content can be uploaded at any time, it also allows users to know more about donors and their experiences in a detailed manner. Display your cause effectively with minimal/ no costs each time, unlike wall posters.

Customize your donor boards keeping the requirements of your target audience in mind. Also, get a chance to go for dynamic branding alongside or utilize the space for third-party advertisements to generate additional revenue.

Encourage the patrons by interactively appealing to them with digital boards making them realize the importance of the work they are doing. Augment reach of your donation drives/ campaigns ensuring the goals are met.

Not to mention, make the best use of the available space using a mounted screen on the wall, unlike numerous posters making the facility look outdated and old-fashioned.

Sounds interesting?

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Unmatchable benefits of Digital Standees That You Just Can’t Avoid

Replace your regular standees with next-generation digital standees to always stay ahead in the competition.

Usage of old-age printed standees can make your space look cluttered and disorganized. Not to mention that since these standees have a specific limit for the addition of the content, one might have to place more than 1 of these to convey the required information at times.

Whereas talking about digital standees, this modern-age solution is a perfect fit for all major industries from hotels to airports and many more. Being compact and portable, these can be easily moved from one place to another.

Centrally managed content makes it easier for the administrator to update the information as and when needed. These are cost-effective too because a one-time purchase can help you go on for years, unlike frequently printed standees for each upcoming event.

The touch-screen kiosk can perform faultlessly for many years without any kind of degradation in resolution or quality. These are also known to reduce the perceived waiting time of the visitors by 42%. What’s better?

In the present era, consumers need something to get attracted to, and this modern-age solution is what all businesses require. Saving costs and paper wastage at the same time, these attention-grabbing LED frames are highly useful to increase sales while iterating your marketing tactics.

Leverage the power of video to make long-lasting impacts on people’s minds. Wondering what else is there?

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Dynamic Boards for Covid Bed Availability

Looking for Cost-effective Dynamic Boards to Depict COVID Bed Availability

We got your back. Here’s how! Initiating the usage of Digital Signage and Dynamic Boards under your pre-existing content management system can help you turn the tables in no time. Work on displaying real-time bed availability for patients in need, without checking in with the staff at a personal level.

The weather-proof nature of these LED scroll boards can help incorporate helpful audio-visual cues resulting in comparatively lower wait times, and hence improving the overall experience of the patient.

Also, save costs of unnecessary prints while working remotely in the comfort of your home.

In a blog shared by Mvix, 89% of healthcare professionals would choose to work with digital content management systems on being provided with a chance to get higher ROI and effective communication channels.

These locally or centrally controlled LED boards and Dynamic Boards can be placed anywhere in the premises of the hospital, even outside, if required. While reducing workload at help desks, it supports multiple languages for hassle-free interactions with the visitors.

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